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‘s-Hertogenbosch - The Netherlands


Founded on July 6, 2016

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Januari 22, 2022 - Unfortunately, a contradictory message to last week's news item. Today the board of Pétanque Union Bois le Duc has decided to end the collaboration with the Ouwestomp Foundation with immediate effect, so we will also leave the temporary play location on their terrain with immediate effect. This does mean that until a better alternative is found or the future accommodation is ready, we will not play. We will of course keep you informed. If a temporary playing location is found, you can read it here.


Do you know an alternative location where 4 to 5 (temporarily) jeu de boules courts can be realised and with some facilities (at least: toilet + water): send us a message.


If you would like more information regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact one of our board members. This can be done by telephone, SMS, WhatsApp or e-mail.




January 15, 2022 - We are open again on Saturday afternoon! 😊 From 13:00 we gather, at half past 2 we throw up (as a draw) and then we start playing.


The message came a bit late yesterday, but there were enough people present today to be able to play jeu de boules and have a pleasant afternoon.



Secretary Corrie van Mil - de Looijer and

Treasurer Ruud van Hintum.



Treasurer Ruud van Hintum gives a short explanation to 2 of our 'brand new'

but very enthusiastic preliminary members.


èèè Next week again: same time, same place! ççç



January 10, 2022 - The media attention goes on and on. For example, DTV Nieuws conducted an interview today with our Chairman, but also with 2 of our first preliminary members: Paul and Vera Beunk. They tell exactly 'why' our association is needed in 's-Hertogenbosch (click on the image to see the interview).



Do you want to read more about our plans and contribute to this? Then go to our promotion page at Whydonate.nl or, even better: contribute! 😊 You can also still register as a preliminary member via the image in the top left corner.



January 8, 2022 - Today our Chairman, Antoon van Mil, appeared in the Brabants Dagblad with an extensive article and a beautiful photo. This is to give attention to the crowdfunding campaign started by our association and the plans we hope to realise with it (click on the image to read the article).




January 4, 2022 - There is a very challenging time ahead of us, the Corona virus has not yet been defeated and association life is therefore no longer as obvious as before. The question is also whether, when the ‘new normal’ is a fact, everything will be the same as before ... Nevertheless, Pétanque Union Bois le Duc continues unabated to realise its plans, because we have seen/noticed that as an association we are needed! Thanks to our accessible and cheap sport, we can offer people ‘a new home’, a place where they feel safe and can participate in a sporting activity in order to escape loneliness. In order to make our plans possible, we have started a crowdfunding campaign about which an article will be published in the Brabants Dagblad very soon.


Do you want to read more about our plans and contribute to this? Then go to our promotion page at Whydonate.nl or, even better: contribute! 😊




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Dutch Pétanque Association (NJBB): 3035

Dutch Chamber of Commerce: 66425654

RegioBank: NL80 RBRB 0200 4914 82



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