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Pétanque Union Bois le Duc




‘s-Hertogenbosch - The Netherlands


Founded on July 6, 2016

Member of the Dutch Pétanque Association (NJBB)



























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So, you are interested in taking a full association membership with us!?


😊 Nice, be welcome! 😊


As a union member you will receive a NJBB license with which you can participate in official national and international pétanque tournaments and/or competitions.



The NJBB license.



Membership types and membership fees

Pétanque Union Bois le Duc has 2 membership types: a youth and a seniors membership. From January 1st to December 31st 2024 the following membership fees will apply:






For the whole year



€ 77.50

When registering between July 1 and December 31

€ 38.75



For the whole year



€ 50.00

When registering between July 1 and December 31

€ 25.00



Register as an association member

To become a member of Pétanque Union Bois le Duc, you must fill in the registration form completely, sign it and then send it to the Secretariat.


Registration form






The receipt of your membership application will of course be confirmed by our Secretary! 😊


Note: by accepting the association membership, the prospective member also unconditionally agrees with the purport of the Articles of Association and the Internal Regulations.


·       Articles of Association.

·       Internal Regulations.



Basic game & behaviour rules

Pétanque Union Bois le Duc has a social and open character. The association is there for society, not specifically for recreational or competitive players. Sociability is paramount, but just like any other sports association, the game/sport is the common denominator. Whether you want to throw a boule in an accessible way or are competitive: you are very welcome with us! 😊


Because jeu de boules (officially called ‘pétanque’) is often played very freely, it is good to know the basic rules of the game and behaviour to ensure that the game/sport is played and experienced in the same way. Mind you, rules have no effect if you don’t treat each other pleasantly, but above all respectfully. After all, we are all human and we each have our own instructions for use. You will notice that by applying these rules you will like the game even more. You create peace and overview for yourself and others. In that respect it is just like in traffic: if everyone follows the rules, you are relaxed in/on your vehicle and you drive a lot better! Oh yes, for ‘road safety’, playing with open footwear such as sandals is not allowed. 😉



For all our basic game & behaviour rules, click here or on the image above.



Official competition boules

Within 3 months after joining the association, the association member must be in possession of official competition boules. Our association regularly has second-hand boules for sale, which are sold with a minimal profit with the aim of providing as many players as possible with sound material. Click here for the current stock.




Association clothing

Pétanque Union Bois le Duc has its own clothing line that consists of a polo shirt, a cardigan and a raincoat. There is a men’s line but also a tailored women’s line available. All clothing can be ordered via the webshop of our association.



For the webshop, click here or on the image above.


Please note: before you order your association clothing, we advise you to try it on first! This can be done in the Princen Sport store (address: Graafseweg 62, 5213 AL ‘s‑Hertogenbosch), where the clothing you ordered will also be delivered.


































Dutch Pétanque Association (NJBB): 3035

Dutch Chamber of Commerce: 66425654

RegioBank: NL80 RBRB 0200 4914 82



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