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Founded on July 6, 2016

Member of the Dutch Pétanque Association (NJBB)



























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Pétanque: a game but also a real sport!



Did you know that ‘jeu de boules’, as ‘pétanque’ is often called, is not only a game but also a real competitive sport? In addition to the well-known recreational game, there are countless (inter‑)national tournaments and competitions in which you can participate. The sport has European and World Championships and has even been nominated as an Olympic sport.


Just like with any other sport, you determine the level at which you want to play. If you only want to play recreationally at the association, fine! But if you’re looking for more of a challenge, Pétanque Union Bois le Duc offers training sessions with which you can quickly improve your game in order to appear (even) stronger.




Exercising in the open air all year round: a healthy combination

Exercise in the open air is good for your health: there is no doctor who contradicts that. Pétanque can therefore be called a ‘healthy’ sport because you play outside for most of the year. Like most sports, pétanque is also an exercise sport that appeals to your condition. Did you know that a player can cover up to 20 km on a tournament day?


In winter, more and more people move to indoor accommodations that are equipped with all the dining and sanitary facilities in order to enable a pleasant practice of the sport. This allows you to play pétanque 365 days a year, regardless of weather conditions.



Pétanque and social contact

Pétanque is a very accessible sport, both physically and in terms of costs (only a set of boules is required). Anyone can participate, regardless of age or ethnicity. Young and old also play with each other, which contributes to greater understanding between and integration of different age and population groups. Pétanque is also an ideal distraction from the daily worries.


Check the 'Accommodation' page for all our opening hours.



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Dutch Pétanque Association (NJBB): 3035

Dutch Chamber of Commerce: 66425654

RegioBank: NL80 RBRB 0200 4914 82



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