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‘s-Hertogenbosch - The Netherlands


Founded on July 6, 2016

Member of the Dutch Pétanque Association (NJBB)



























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The road to the realisation of our accommodation, which runs through Stichting Waarborgfonds Sport (SWS), has been definitively taken mid March 2022. After their approval of our financial plans, we can proceed and the proverbial road is clear to start with the actual construction of the 16 jeu de boules courts equipped with sustainable LED lighting. All this on the grounds of soccer association s.v. C.H.C., located in the heart of the Bossche multicultural neighbourhoods De Kruiskamp and De Schutskamp (read: 's‑Hertogenbosch West).



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We make a difference!

Pétanque Union Bois le Duc distinguishes itself from the countless neighbourhood associations in our city, which occasionally play on 1 or maybe 2 clustered jeu de boules courts. In addition to a limited playing capacity, these locations usually have no (sanitary) facilities. By offering structure - with fixed afternoons and evenings on which the association is open - and sufficient jeu de boules courts, Pétanque Union Bois le Duc makes the difference. And last but not least, anyone can participate whenever it suits them. In addition, everyone is welcome, regardless of age or ethnicity. This will contribute to a better understanding and integration of the different age and population groups within the neighbourhoods. In this way, as a fully-fledged sports association, we increase the inclusiveness of the Bossche society.



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Dutch Pétanque Association (NJBB): 3035

Dutch Chamber of Commerce: 66425654

RegioBank: NL80 RBRB 0200 4914 82



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